Montag - Sonntag von 12.00 bis 20.30 Uhr


Fish soup with saffron, cream, herbs and seafood from                                                               98,-
the Limfjord and North Sea
Tapas plate with local specialties.                                                                                                  98,-
Served with homemade pickles, crispy malt chips and salt baked almonds                                      

Home smoked salmon with smoke cheese crème                                                                       110,-
green oil and crispy elements.                                                                                                            
Steamed mussels from the Limfjord in white wine, herbs and cream.                                         88,-               
All starters are served with homemade bread


Main Dishes

Classic Wiener Schnitzel with pan-fried potatoes                                                                        198,-
butter sauce, peas and Viennese garnish                                                                                            
Fish soup with baked fish from the North Sea, mussels from Jegindø,                                      198,-
lobster tails and herbs
Steamed mussels from the Limfjord in white wine, herbs and cream. (large portion)              148,-
Pan-fried plaice from the North Sea with creamy parsley sauce,                                               198,-
boiled potatoes and lemon                                      
Pan-fried Ells served with potatoes and lemon stowed
                   small portion (4 pieces)                                                                                            175, -
                   large portion (7 pieces, 350 g)                                                                                 245, -


Strawberries and rhubarb trifle with vanilla custard, crunchy macaroons                                   55,-
and whipped cream.
Our special chocolate cake with crystallized white chocolate,                                                    92,-
Chocolate parfait and sorbet                                   
Homemade ice cake with chocolate and vanilla parfait, crunchy plates of nuts                          78,-
and raspberry puree
Cheese platter with specialties from North & South                                                                   110,-